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20 Oct

4 Steps to Customizing Your Skincare Routine

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Your skin is the first impression you make. Before someone makes eye contact, before you even get the chance to speak to a new acquaintance or a potential client—people will see the skin on your face first. It is unfortunate, but the reality is that we do judge others and ourselves based on outward appearances. We put effort into our appearance via fashion or our hair. So when the texture or quality of your skin feels unmanageable or unwieldy, it is easy to feel helpless and frustrated. We all want control over our image and the face we put forth in the world.

Fortunately, skincare has made great strides in the last decade. Your skin is not beyond your control! The great thing about skincare is that once you find a base routine, it is easy to change your products up to suit specific needs. For example, if your skin gets dry in the winter, you do not need to change out your entire selection of products. Just substitute your summer moisturizer for something a little thicker. Or, better yet, stick with the same moisturizer but increase the amount you apply at night. This is just an example.

Identify the Problem…or Problems

woman checking her face

What is your greatest concern regarding your skin? Is it dark spots resulting from acne or other skin conditions, known as hyperpigmentation? Is it acne? Are the pores on your cheeks too large for your liking? Sadly, there are no miracle cures for any of these conditions, but they are all manageable!

Whether you only have one concern or a myriad of skin troubles to contend with, the first step is educating yourself about the active ingredients that will treat them. There is no one ingredient that will be your end-all, be-all for solving your skincare woes. But for each skincare concern you have, there probably an active ingredient you can find to specifically address it. For example, salicylic acid will do wonders for those dealing with flakiness, and benzoyl peroxide will help clear up blackheads. You’ll need a separate product for each issue, but each will do its job properly in a way the other could not.

Incorporate Retinol

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Like I said above, there is no magic active ingredient that will cure your skincare woes…but retinol comes pretty close. Long touted for its anti-aging benefits, retinol is your key for both preventing fine lines and wrinkles as well as reducing the appearance of those already arrived. Better yet, for those not yet contending with signs of aging, retinol smooths the appearance of skin and evens out tone and texture.

There are innumerable products on the market that feature retinol. Many people experience dryness or flakiness during the initial introduction period, so you will want to start with a very low dose of retinol and work your way up to stronger doses. Fortunately, there is a wide gambit of products to choose from in terms of dosage and function, both over the counter and prescription strength.

If you are worried about smile lines and crow’s feet, opt for an eye cream with retinol and slather it on the target areas. For those grappling with oversized pores, a pure retinol serum that slips easily around the face will be your best bet.

Facial Hair Maintenance

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Facial hair removal isn’t just about the appearance of the facial hair itself. Removal of facial hair allows for the smooth application of makeup and skincare, which can tend to skip and clump around even tiny hair follicles.

There are several painless options available for the safe and effective removal of hair. Some work to deplete the hair follicle over time, like laser hair removal or the Hair Free Hair Remover. Other options will require you to reapply on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, such as waxing.

It’s All About the Lips

woman using some lipstick

After your initial look at a person’s face, you are likely to look at their lips next. Your mouth has the potential to be the focal point of your face—especially if your lips are particularly noteworthy, and not in a good way. A good skincare routine will not skimp on moisturizing and protecting your lips. No one likes being distracted by a chapped, flakey mouth!

Find or make a lip balm that you find affordable. The great thing about investing in lipcare is that it does not require much of an investment at all. There are plenty of cost-effective options that will suit your needs just fine. Slather on a generous amount before bed and in the morning, after brushing, to keep your lips soft and supple.

Once a week or as needed, give your pucker a good scrub by mixing up some honey, brown sugar, and warm water. This will dislodge any dead skin flakes that are giving your lips an uneven and distended appearance.

When it comes to skincare, experimentation is key to finding the right balance. It may be a frustrating and disheartening journey at times, but stick with it! Your effort will pay off in the long haul. A good skincare routine will change the way people see you and, more importantly, the way you see yourself.

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