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21 Jan

7 Fun Facts To Know About Hair Weaves

dark haired woman

have been known to be a fantastic way for people to show their creativity and personality. In fact, today, a lot of women use different hairstyles and tools to express who they are and tell their stories. Hair weaves and extensions, for instance, have been a significant part of fashion, beauty, style, and culture worldwide.

What Is Hair Weave?

Hair weave, also known as hair extensions or artificial hair integration, involves adding human or synthetic hair o the natural hair, either by clipping, gluing, or sewing.

Having hair weaves can significantly enhance a person's appearance, since depending on the hair extension you're going to use, you can add volume, length, texture, and even color to your current natural hair. It can be a fun and easy way to revamp your look or shift hairstyles.

Here are a few fun facts about hair waves every hair enthusiast will be glad to know.

Christina Jenkins Invented Hair Weaves

In the 1940s, an African American woman in Chicago who worked in a wig factory created the ‘sew-in' weave. This technique creates a more natural weave consisting of three cords and a weaving frame device, which allowed women to sew stitches of hair into their natural hair seamlessly. She revolutionized the idea when she saw the struggle of women using clip-on hair attachments that easily slips off one's hair.
The sew-in technique is a more permanent solution and became in demand that Jenkins had it patented in 1951.

Hair Weaves' Earliest Form Dates Back to 3400BC Egypt

loose deep curly black human hair weaves extensions bundles

The origin of hair extensions dates back to Cleopatra's time. The first sewn-in hair dates to 3,400 BC Egypt.

In ancient times, the appearance of a person was regarded to be very important since it indicates the person's status in society. And one of the ways they improved their appearance was thru the use of hair extensions. Ancient Egyptians used human hair, dyed sheep's wool, and glued them to the head using beeswax and resin.

Since then, the obsession with hair weaves and extensions has traveled to other parts of the world and has gained notoriety, especially in Africa.

You Need To Have 3 Inches Of Hair To Have A Sewn-In Weave

For the weave to look more natural and seamless, you need to have at least three inches of hair for the weave to get stitched into. Anything shorter than three inches and the weave will be noticeable.

Indonesia Is The Top Importer Of Human Hair

In 2019 alone, Indonesia purchased USD 42.3 million worth of human hair. Indonesia has many human hair factories that manufacture wigs, hair extensions, and weaves.

Wide Selection Of Human Hair Weaves To Choose From

Hairdresser female making hair extensions to young woman with blonde hair in beauty salon. Professional hair extension try check

There are various types of human hair weaves available in the market today, and you can surely find one that fits your styling needs and preferences. It comes in different textures and styles such as straight, wavy, and curly hair.

To name a few, here are some of the common and popular types of hair weave today:

Indian Hair

Indian hair weave is known for its thickness. Opting for this type can give you that extra volume, texture, and natural gloss.

Peruvian Hair

If you want that free-flowing and luxurious hair, then this type is for you. It is known for being lightweight yet bearing so much volume.

Eurasian Hair

Eurasian hair is widely known for its smooth, soft, and silky texture. It usually comes in black color, but there are rare ones that feature the color brown. Since this hair extension is a cross between Asian and European hair, it features a natural wave into it.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is probably one of the most prominent types of hair weave. It's versatile and blends well with various hair types. It has a natural and healthy shine to it, as well as volume and texture.

Some Celebrities Who Use Hair Weaves Want It To Be Kept A Secret

Some celebrities want to make it appear that the voluminous and shiny tresses they have are natural, and they even ask their stylists to sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement to prevent them from spilling the beans to the press. After all, it's their reputation and image that's on the line.

While Reality Show Participants Flaunt It

woman hair

Unlike famous personalities and celebrities who prefer to hide the secret behind their long, luxurious locks, some reality show participants do the opposite and reveal it to the entire world. These contestants wear it as a badge of pride because for them having hair weaves means they're rich and can afford it.

Final Words

Your hair is your crowning glory, and oftentimes, it's the first thing people notice when they look at you. Having beautiful, shiny, and glorious locks can make a woman feel confident, alluring, and empowered. To achieve that through hair weaves is something many women opt to do.

If Cleopatra was able to lead and conquer the world while still being beautiful and captivating during ancient times, what's stopping the modern woman of the 21st century from doing the same?

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