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24 Jan

Expression, Innovation, and Craftsmanship: Dolce Gabbana’s Casa Collection is Here

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Dolce and Gabbana are bringing Italian craftsmanship and bold exciting self-expression off the runway and into the home with the new Casa collection. It’s an exciting next step for the brand’s evolution into a full lifestyle experience and presents an innovative offering at the forefront of new trends in decor and design.

The casa collection provides an exciting design point of view that aligns with the current shift away from the mid-century millennial motifs of the past few years. Sometimes referred to as “granny chic” the desire to more personally connect with your interior has manifested in grand millennial style. You won’t find plastic chair covers here though, grand millennial style elevates the classical with modern refinement.

Antiquity & Innovation 

As concerns about fast fashion’s environmental impact have entered the consumer consciousness, the luxury and resale markets for fashion have seen a boon. We can see this upcycling trend entering the real estate market as well. The popularity of flipping historic homes and valuing the unique architectural elements of Craftsman and Victorian styles naturally lends itself to an interior that compliments. Decor aficionados are leaning into classical design styles and patterns, with a fresh perspective that counters the generic minimalist interiors of late.

This aesthetic is infused with self-expression and nostalgia, trends that have been present on the runway as well. Consumers are looking for uniqueness and quality, and are willing to pay for items that will stand the test of time. Inspiration comes in the form of upcycling antiques, traditional references, and pieces that exude hand-crafted care and self-expression.

Dolce and Gabbana have long-held respect for tradition at the center of their design ethos. What makes D&G special is its ability to innovate around elements of old. It’s also not their first foray into home offerings. The partnership with SMEG for the Sicily is my Love Collection is a stunning example of bringing tradition and history into the home with a twist of modernity. Casa is the next evolution of this ethos.

Handcrafted Expression

Integral to the Dolce and Gabbana brand is the belief in fatto a mano (handcrafted). When developing Casa, Dolce and Gabbana were inspired by the finest in Italian craftsmanship. The central themes of the collection include signatures like Blu Mediterraneo, Carretto Siciliano (their signature print), Leo, and Zebra. It is a true celebration of Italy’s craftsmanship, landscape, and culture.

This craftsmanship is particularly notable in the Murano glassware. Created in pops of primary colors for Carretto and tranquil clear glass for Blu Mediterraneo, the pieces boast an ancient mouth-blown glassmaking technique with traditional Venetian patterning. This stunning collection is the result of a collaboration with Carovier & Toso, who also created installations (including chandeliers requiring 20,000 pieces of hand-blown glass) for the collection showroom at Scuola Grande della Misericordia.

You’ll also find hand-glazed ceramic tableware in the Blu Mediterraneo and Carretto motifs, a nod to Italian craftsmanship. These pieces are infused with the traditions of hand-painted Sicilian ceramics and the ancient technique of mosaic making. Created with the art of tablescape in mind, the plates are made without a rim to enhance the ability for expressive displays.

The collection also showcases lush textile prints adorning silk quilts and velvet pillows. This is where we meet irreverent and playful patterns showcased in Leo, Zebra, the vibrant Carretto, and traditionally tranquil Blu Mediterraneo. The cashmere jacquard throw blankets are especially notable for their balance of playful bold refinement.

Ever at the forefront of innovation and design, Casa encompasses what Dolce and Gabbana are known for. The collection is infused with excitement and expression rooted in tradition and the art of Italian craftsmanship.

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