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13 Feb

Easy Ways To Change Your Day Make-up To A Party One Instantly

evening makeup

Had to work for a few extra hours in office today, and are getting late for a party? Don’t worry! Within a few minutes, you can change your day make-up to a party one, and you will be all set to look glamorous and trendy.

Freshen Up The Basic Make-Up

First, start by giving yourself a basic touch-up, so that your face can look fresh. Touch up around the under eyes especially, and apply one fresh coat of the lipstick. Also darken your kohl, mascara and eyeliner. Use one quick dab of compact along with a make-up finisher to get a matte effect, and get rid of the oil that may have accumulated on your face during the day.

Define The Eyes More

eye makeup photo

Now, quickly take any metallic shimmer based eye shadow, with a shade nearest to what you’re already wearing. Apply a couple of layers quickly, and your eyes will be well defined. Shimmer helps to add a little bit of dazzle on your dull make-up, and makes your eyes stand out beautifully. Extend the liner and the shadow a little on the corner of your eyes to add a little more dramatic effect.

Gloss It Up!

Add a top layer of transparent or shimmer based gloss on your lips. It makes them look attractive, and instantly makes your face look fresh and trendy. If you like more of saturated colors on your lips, then you can choose a lipstick and gloss combination. However, if your eyes are the main highlight of the face and you want the rest of it to have a nude feel, then you can do with a quick layer of light toned gloss.


Contour The Face

With day make-up in office, you don’t really work much on your face shape. But you can do that in your night make-up, by adding a little bronzer effect on your blusher, and working on your cheekbones. That gives you a chiseled look, and makes your face appear thinner. Also contour the forehead and the nose, by taking around one or two shades darker of the foundation and the compact that you generally use. Blend well to ensure that the contour looks as natural as possible, and gives your face a nice shape. Some people also like to add a few drops of a luminizer or a bronzer in their basic layer of foundation, but that can only be possible when you are doing make-up from scratch and have the time for it. Otherwise, you should just add the shimmer on the top layer with bronzer blush.

cosmetics photo

Keep all these make-up essentials and some trendy accessories handy in your bag all the time, so that even if you make last minute plans, you can easily go to a party straight from work. Let your hair be loose, or make a quick, trendy hairstyle to go with your outfit. And before you know it, you’ll be ready to party in style!

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