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18 Nov

3 Outstanding Beauty Trends To Try In 2015

Get an instant update with the season’s latest looks for makeup, hair and nails. When it comes to beauty looks, fall 2014 / winter 2015 offers cool new makeup trends which are unlike anything you have ever tried before. Just have a look:

Burgundy lips

Looking for an edgy yet sophisticated way to wear red? Choose wine-red lips. From deep cherry to burgundy, the dark tone lipstick has been listed as one of the most prominent makeup trends in fall 2014. The trend is widely followed by various celebrities and according to Hollywood reports, lipstick in wine-red shade looks best as a contrast to pale skin (Gwen Stefani, Megan Fox). However, some celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Rihanna have been sporting wine lip trend as a complement to their warm skin tone.

Megan Fox burgundy lipstick

dark lipstick photo by MosquitoNguyen

lipstick photo

Their full, rich shades of wine have a true character and depth so desired and compliant with Fall trends. For the best fall 2014 / winter 2015 experience, look for a creamy matte lipstick with a smooth finish or pearl wine (as seen on Jennifer Lopez) for a lustrous lip.

Gray hair

You cannot imagine how many young women have fallen in love with the gray hair trend! Gray hair is not only for granny and celebrities have been proving it. Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne were first spotted sporting dyed gray hair. The trend was followed by Rihanna who dyed her hair tips in gray achieving a unique gray ombre look with blue undertones. The last celebrity to join the silver hair craze was Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s little sister. Kylie went for silver hair extensions which combined with her black roots gave her the look of silver ombre hair style. The latest reports however state that Kylie got rid of her gray extensions so maybe she was just getting in the Halloween spirit.

gray hair

Gray Hair Trend 2014

Kylie Jenner gray hair

Kylie Jenner’s famous gray ombre hair extensions via Instagram

All in all, the key to pulling off the gray hair look is keeping your hair well-maintained and healthy. The coolest new dye job among celebrities is gray mixed with a hint of blue. Would you wear this trend yourself?

Pointy nails

If you were to ask about the latest trend for nail shape I would say super long, pointy and totally impractical. The trend was popularised by Lana del Rey who is famous for her mermaid voice and daring nails known as the ‘claw’, ‘stiletto’ or ‘talon’. The difference between talons and stilettos is that the latter have a sharp point. Honestly, I thought that this trend would never go beyond fashion bloggers. However, it seems like the trend is getting more and more popular. Celebrities such as: Rihanna and Selena Gomez and even fashion designers such as Kate Spade, HONOR, and The Blonds have incorporated the trend into their runway looks.

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stiletto nails photo

stiletto nails photo by Eye Candy Nails Nic Senior

Christmas stiletto nails photo

stiletto nails photo by Eye Candy Nails Nic Senior

stiletto nails photo

stiletto nails photo by Eye Candy Nails Nic Senior

In order to follow the pointy nail trend and still look classy, take a lesson from runways. Paint your talons in clean nude which is one of the hottest nail colour for fall. Otherwise, go for two-tone talons but never go overboard with the shape or length.

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