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9 Sep

Choosing Aviator Sunglasses as a Fashion Statement

young woman wearing sunglasses
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Aviator sunglasses, designed over sixty years ago in order to protect the eyes of pilots during flights, soon became the most popular model of sunglasses in the world. Currently, every self-respecting manufacturer of optics or fashion designer produces various Aviator models (Ray-Ban, Marc Jacobs, Polaroid, Porsche Design glasses and many others) with different frames, lenses, decorative elements, as well as price and quality.

Sunglasses of this form can be called a unisex model, being extremely popular among both men and women.

police sunglasses

Mirrored aviator sunglasses are also popular with policemen and…policewomen!

Today colored Aviator sunglasses with bright lenses (for example, blue, green or purple) are very popular. These glasses perfectly complement any bright summer look you create. A special reflective coating allows hiding from prying eyes. A good option for those who like experiments and unusual stylish look is sunglasses with pale glass and shady effect in the upper part of the lenses. If you decide to buy this kind of Aviator sunglasses, you will always be in trend.

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Aviators are distinguished not only by the quality and color of the lens, but also by color and size of the frames. Classical models of Aviator glasses have a thin metal frame or no less popular frame of durable plastic. Aviator manufacturers often use leather and wooden items for frame decoration.

Choosing the right Aviator sunglasses

As we have already mentioned, Aviators are ideal both for men and women. The main thing is to choose the right width and color of the frame, as well as the shape and color of the lenses.

Owners of a heart-shaped face should choose Aviators in a thin metal frame. Teardrop-shaped lenses visually make the chin a little wider, while the lack of sharp boundaries between the glasses and the face will keep the right balance between the top and bottom parts of your face. Pay attention to the width of the bridge – too broad bridge will accentuate the width of your forehead.

aviator sunglasses

If you prefer to buy glasses in a wide plastic frame, note that such Aviators visually shorten the face. Therefore, this model is recommended for those with elongated face shape.

Classic versions of Aviator glasses, unfortunately, are not suitable for round face shapes. For this reason, try to choose models with more angular lenses.

If you prefer broad-rimmed glasses, note that the color of the frame should harmonize with the color of your face. Fashionable Aviator sunglasses in a white frame are suitable for owners of light-colored hair and light skin. You can easily combine this trendy accessory with romantic dresses or classic jeans.

No matter how hard you try to find a perfect pair of sunglasses, Aviator shape is ideal for almost everyone. Of course, these models may have different lenses, temples or colors. For the rest, it’s almost impossible to make a mistake. If you want to look like a super-hero or a Hollywood star, be sure to add Aviators to your collection of accessories.

Ray Ban aviator photo by Soumyadeep Paul

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