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2 May

Oriental Fashion – Spring Summer Trend

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Step back into a world where you can be both artist and entertainer in a Geisha-inspired ensemble. Sophisticated and understated kimonos, intricate floral print including oriental blossoms, opulent dresses, and exotic sarongs will take you to a luxurious train journey on the Orient Express.

oriental fashion Louis Vuitton

oriental fashion

Giesha-inspired fashion

Oriental fashion

In , many designers and fashion houses including Dries Van Noten, Jean Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, , , Philosophy di sent their models down the runway in outstanding Japanese styles. The look may be quite tricky to recreate on the streets and during the day but it WILL work for special events from cocktail parties to glamour galas. The reason why is that oriental patterns, and kimono-inspired sleeves bring a highly festive exotic Asian flair that is just too much for ordinary occassions.

As for accessories, this kind of clothing will look best accessorized with a clutch, and platform shoes (did you know the famous Japanese platform shoes are called Geta shoes?). Avoid the excess of as the eclectic prints make a devastating statement themselves. The last but not the least: don't forget to highlight your waist. A wide belt will be just perfect. How about work? Occasionally, choose the styles only if not very patterned.Oriental fashion will put a spin on your social scene and help you explore exciting new fashion eras. It will be a favourite for style-oriented women who like to shine at second glance.