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10 Feb

5 Valentine’s Day Fashion Mistakes

happy couple

We all know that love and romance are not easy things to understand. And when you add fashion into this mix, especially during Valentine’s Day, you are in trouble. Creating a romantic and fashionable look to charm your loved one on a Valentine’s Day is not all that easy.

Valentines cupcakes

With Valentine’s Day cupcakes you cannot go wrong. Some rights reserved by StuartWebster

But luckily you can avoid sending the wrong signals with your style if you just avoid some basic mistakes. Here are five Valentine’s Day fashion mistakes you must keep away from and you will succeed.

1. Choose A Colour You Have Never Worn

Valentine’s Day is really not the best day to decide to wear that really sparkly bright red dress for the very first time. If you have not ever walked out of that door in bright red clothing then do not make this the first day to do it.

Wearing a new colour as well as dress always takes some getting used to and you will not feel comfortable for the first time you do so. It does not mean you should not try something different but you probably should stick to something that you know makes you feel comfortable.

2. Too Much Fragrance

D&G perfume

Too much fragance will kill you! Some rights reserved by Mr. T in DC

Although fragrance is not a fashion item per se, it is still important to include it in your style for a romantic Valentine’s Day style. But do not make the most common fragrance mistake that both men and women make and wear too much of it.

You really only need to add a tiny bit of fragrance to your temples or behind your ear. This will ensure you have a nice lovely romantic scent that will not end up causing your loved one to faint.

3. Bad Fit

Fashion dresses

These dresses are beautiful, but will they fit well? Some rights reserved by COD Newsroom

When it comes to fashion the way the clothing fits on you is really important. You simply cannot go on a date wearing ill-fitting clothing. Make sure that you try your items on before the big day in case they are new to ensure they fit well. You can guarantee a romantic and fashionable look by just wearing right sized clothing.

4. Forgetting It Is Winter

winter scarf

While heading to a date night, do not forget your new infinity scarf! Some rights reserved by Wickerfurniture

Now unfortunately the most romantic day of the year happens to take place in February. And if you do not live in Australia then you need to keep in mind that it can get really cold in February. You do not want to go on a dinner date with your sweetheart and look like you are going to freeze to death.

So make sure you dress up in a pretty romantic way and keep yourself warm. For instance, go for a silky abaya in a romantic colour like rosy pink or purple. Add sparkly accessories and you will look really cute.

5. Too Much Of Everything

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012

Sometimes more is less. Some rights reserved by CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK

A lot of women also make the mistake that they try to add a little bit too much of everything for their Valentine’s Day look. They go for a really elaborative dress, makeup and hair and it all just ends up being a little bit too much.

Try to keep your Valentine’s Day look very simple. Go for a really romantic makeup and look, add a few quirky details for your look but do not go for too many things at once.