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22 Jan

8 Date Outfit Ideas That’ll Never Fail: For Every Situation

couple on a date

So, you've got a big date on the horizon, and you're super excited. The lucky guy – or girl – has obviously picked the right person in you but there's no harm in making sure you're the full package.

If you're never sure what to wear before the big night (or day), here are just a few considerations for different kinds of scenarios.

A Gig

gig photo

What kind of gig are you going to? Is it Marilyn Manson or is it ? No judgements here but showing up in full goth at the latter might not go down too well, and vice versa.

Listening to the kind of music you'll be listening to on your date isn't just going to give you serious brownie points when you get there, it'll also help you get a feel for the vibe, which can often have a serious influence on style.

These days, fashion with an edge often transcends music genres, so this is a great gig go-to. So, think cutoffs with studs, a trusty black cami, leather jacket, and chunky, statement or even a choker. Whack on a little eyeliner – and remember, no heels! Boots will do just fine.


dinner date photo

Ah yes, the classic. Going out to dinner is one of the most typical dates you can agree to go on but that still doesn't mean you always know what to wear! The first thing you should do when deciding on your outfit is to look the place where you'll be eating up… what do they serve, and what will the atmosphere be like?

Of course, sometimes these things are spontaneous. You're just expected to show up, and then pick a place depending on what you're feeling on the night. In a situation like that, you're best covering all bases – don't go too casual, but don't go too glamorous either. Picturing an outfit in the middle? The trusty “best” jeans, smart top, and low heels? Yep, you got it.

If you're heading somewhere up-market, you're really best going with a dress. Try and avoid anything too figure hugging, unless you're confident you can pull it off with comfort after eating a big meal! You're not going to a club, either, so wear something that's a knockout without it needing to work for dancing the night away.

The Races

dinner date photo

As the warmer months approach, so too do the horse races. Often seen as a quintessential part of British culture in the Spring and Summertime, it's not at all uncommon that you might be invited on a date there, even if it is a group situation. 

Dressing the part is key. Pay attention to the season – you're probably going to want to get those legs out – but the important thing is to keep it classy. Many racecourses will not let you in under any circumstances unless you adhere to their strict rules. Dresses or incredibly nice skirts are a must; there's simply nothing casual about this day in the calendar.

This is yet another one of those scenarios where you're going to want to act the part, too. Knowing something about the horses and how to bet on them can massively help you to fit in and look the part. You can do a bit of prep to impress your date on the day, so don't worry. And there are a variety of different websites where you can place bets on sport with no commitment (as there's no deposit), just so you can get a little practice in for when you get there. After all, a red face is probably going to clash with your dress!

A Game

gig photo

Being invited to a sports' game could go one of two ways. Either, you're a huge fan of the team and it's a dream come true or you've not got a clue about the game and you're just going along for the fun (or, to spend time with the one who invited you).

Be honest. If you pretend that you absolutely love the sport (and you don't), it'll only come out later on if there's a second, third, or twenty-fourth date. So, while it's okay to make an effort with a scarf or something subtle to do with the team, it's probably best not to show up in a football team's full kit unless you really know your stuff. Also, avoiding things like that will also avoid more dates you're probably not that into. Going along once is a super-fun experience. If that's all you end up doing and that's not your thing, it's probably best to let them know.

So, what to wear? If you're genuinely into the team, support them with their colours. If not, keep it casual. Jeans, a weather-appropriate top and flat shoes are absolutely fine. You can up the makeup to compensate. You'll be outdoors, so wrap up warm if you need to; this is one place where comfort comes first. It's really not a fashion show!

Of course, there's also the possibility that you like the rival team. Just for the sake of not causing any fights, it's probably best to dress in a neutral manner, if you're sitting with the opposing side's fans. Although, you might want to let your date know – even though it can still ultimately work out, this could be a deal-breaker for both of you!


couple photo

This is a super casual date idea, but as it's a close, intimate setting where you're both able to focus on one another, it's the perfect time to shine. 

Obviously, you don't want to rock up wearing full glitz and glam but you can nail smart-casual in this scenario to a T (or, y'know, a coffee).

Dig out your fave skinny jeans (you know… those ones, the ones that make your bum look amazing), and a cute pair of flats, such as ballet slippers. As for the top? It's all up to you and your own personal style. Accessorising wouldn't go amiss, but keep it casual. Think quirky trinkets and not diamond earrings!

Of course, depending on the guy (or girl) you're trying to impress, coffee shops are very much about being yourself – after all, you have so much time to chat. If you find yourself more comfortable in a flannel shirt and some Converse, you don't need to hide that. A messy bun (perfectly coiffed, of course), will more than suffice.

Just – as always – grab that mascara and off you go!

A Bar

couple photo

Yet another classic, but this time – yay – you can go all out. Now, if you're just going down to the local, you probably shouldn't go too OTT, but if you're heading out for a few drinks and a night on the town, you can seriously dress to impress.

It's all about flaunting your assets so, whether that's accentuating those eyes with a smokey shadow, or showing off that waist with the perfect high-waisted skirt, this is all about dressing to draw attention to the parts of yourself that you love most. Depending on your body-type, or indeed your personal tastes, this may well vary.

Just remember, it's not just about the outfit. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your coordination skills. So the shoes, accessories, and everything else all have to go along with the ensemble.

And let's not forget the hair and make-up as well. In this instance, it has to be as perfectly planned as the clothes you're wearing. You can't go wrong with dramatic curls, in addition to a contoured face and full lips. Not really sure how it's done? Thankfully, there's plenty of beauty advice online!

The Beach

couple photo

Depending on who you are, this is either the worst idea in the world or the best. 

The beach is often a sneaky choice for a date because often it means that someone doesn't want you wearing very much at all – but that doesn't mean you need to feel uncomfortable.

First things first – every body is a beach body. So, if you see a bikini or bathing suit that you think is cute and makes you feel comfortable, buy it. Of course, different body shapes can pair better with different kinds, so try on a few to see what's best for you. Sometimes, it's all about the pattern. Other times, it's all about the cut.

Cover-ups can be perfect for this scenario, if you're trying to maintain an air of mystery, or protect yourself from the sun. Think kaftans and floppy hats!

Oh, and the hottest accessory at the beach? Sunscreen. For sure!

An Adventure

couple photo

Okay, so you – or your date – has been thinking outside the box here, good job! Adventure is a pretty broad spectrum but it usually involves being active.

Whether it's an escape room, laser tag, or bowling – a skirt or dress can often be impractical, so it may be best to rule it out of the equation. Time to dig those trusty jeans out yet again!

There are even adult versions of kiddy play dates these days. For example, Ballie Ballerson in London is an adult ball pit. Trust, it can feel like your drowning in those plastic balls, so you'll want something to protect your modesty if you end up laying back, legs kicking, and flailing. A nice pair of high-waisted shorts and a crop top could be perfect for this scenario, reclaiming your youth while looking a little more grown up.

Finally, if you're going somewhere where things could get messy (an assault course, paintballing, and so on), try not to wear anything you'll be too precious over if it somehow gets destroyed.

No matter where you're going, “dress for the occasion” may seem like obvious advice, but seriously; sit back and think. How long will you be on your feet? What will you be required to do? And what makes you look really good, within the limits of dressing for that occasion? Good luck!

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