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24 Jul

The Scary Vogue Editor: Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour picture

Even if you don’t know her name, you will know her trademark pageboy haircut and massive sunglasses. , editor and fashion luminary, has helmed the high-end fashion glossy since 1988 and has earned the nickname of ‘Nuclear Wintour’ thanks to her infamously fickle temperament.

anna wintour photo

anna wintour photo by LGEPR

‘The lady doth protest too much.’ Taken from the lines of Hamlet, one thinks of this statement when watching ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ the movie is based on a book written by Anna Wintour’s former assistant and based on her time working for the most feared woman in the magazine world. From what one gleans, it would appear that nothing was good enough for ‘Miranda Priestley,’ and the poor assistants didn’t know which way was up or which day it was. It would seem that Wintour’s character also expected the poor girls to read her mind and never sleep.

Born in Britain in 1949 to Charles Wintour, Evening Standard editor, Anna started showing a flair for fashion and style at the age of 13. She was certainly no conformist and tried the patience of her teachers when she constantly took up the hemline of her school dress. Faithfully following the trends suggested by Seventeen Magazine – sent to her by her American grandmother – Wintour became something of a clothing guru and her father sought her advice on the latest fashion news for his Evening Standard editions.

anna wintour photo

anna wintour photo by Dilia Oviedo’s Fashion Week

At the age of 20 she began her fashion journalism career with Harper’s Bazaar and through her extremely interesting climb up the fashion magazine ladder Wintour always made it perfectly clear that she wanted to be the editor of Vogue. At the age of 30 Anna Wintour was offered an interview for a potential position at Vogue, which did not end well when she told Grace Mirabella (editor of Vogue) that she wanted her job. She eventually got the job, but she started as UK Vogue editor. Her staffers were then treated to her militaristic control and their time under her was referred to as their “Wintour of discontent.”

Regardless of personal feelings, one could never ever say that Anna Wintour was not talented. She got the job done and her visions and themes for photoshoots may not have been appreciated by others, but one cannot dispute that the lady took Vogue to new heights.

anna wintour photo

anna wintour photo by Sara Cimino

Where other editors feared to tread, Wintour danced. She was the visionary who saw the value in putting celebrities on the covers of Vogue magazines. When other magazine houses were still using regular models in stilted shoots, on front covers, Wintour was organising shoots as naturally or as made-up as the mood took her.

A few decades later and she still helms the magnificent Vogue magazine however there is no doubt that it appeals more to the high-end market. Anna Wintour is the master of fashion and all of her 62 years old can still be seen sitting at the front row at fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and New York. She’s definitely a talented fashion force to be reckoned with.

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