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23 Jan

Hair Colour Trends for 2012

gray hair

The ball may have already dropped, but the future of hair colour for next year may is still to be determined. However, the fashion experts have already made their prophecies and predictions, with most indicating a large change coming in the field of hair colour. While only time will tell if they are right or wrong, a woman who is thinking about making a radical change for her hair might be well advised to take advantage of the possible 2012 hair trends foreseen by the experts.

gray hair

Trendy gray hair

In a time when most women try to cover up their gray hairs, 2012 could be the year that changes the rules once and for all. Nearly across the board, hair colour analysts have identified the natural graying of hair having dominance over dye jobs to cover up the aging process. In addition, some experts have even gone further, stating that they believe that many women will choose to accentuate their gray hair by dying it completely white as a fashion statement. It may seem a bit far-fetched that such a hair colour revolution is so near, but we will see if the experts deserve applause or laughter.

extreme hair colour

Extreme hair colour

Almost as amazing as the rise in gray hair is another trend that some hair industry experts are pointing towards. Similar to the 90s when extreme colours took hold in the grunge and alternative movements, these experts believe that 2012 will be the year that the ambitious colours come back in style. In addition, the trend may be to combine multiple shades of blue, green, red, and purple to create a multi-layered look. This may not be too far of  stretch as it could be a progression from the feather extensions that were the rage this year. Following the early leads of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj, fans may try to copy the radical colouring and bring new styles onto the street.

While gray and extreme colours may be exciting, the experts are also of the belief that the opposite end of the spectrum will also enjoy some popularity, namely warm tones. Most likely to appear in highlight forms that blend with a woman’s natural hair colour, the warm tones of deep browns and sandy blonds could bring a somewhat edgy look to a woman’s hairstyle without alienating her in the same way as the previous colours.

The only sure fact about hair colouring in 2012 is that it will be popular. Over the last decade, hair dying has been on the rise, with more women trying on a new colour each year. There is no reason to think that this trend will not continue and its evolution could include some of the strange styles predicted by experts. Other unseen factors are sure to come into play, such as new celebrity that embrace different colours or a popular movie that could influence many fans. The experts have made their picks, so the only thing left to do is sit back and see if they are right.

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