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27 Aug

Rocking Fall With Punk Clothing

punk chic

Punk style hit its peak in the market in the 80s with combat boots and trench coats. In the contemporary world, punk clothing has seen some changes but still relies on the same aspect of using liberal things such bright colours, laving and colourful hairstyles, a variety of tartan designs and the list goes on.

punk chic

Punk is back! Flickr

Punk dresses are a type of women apparel that can be used to finish a unique outfit perfectly or to start one off the ground. On the other hand, most ladies want to look stylish and elegant so they keep updating their wardrobes with the latest fashion trends taking cue from celebrity and runway. These women wear cute dresses and therefore want to make a strong statement among the people they interact with. Punk chicks, on the other hand do not care about what people think about them and about their clothes.

The Punk Style

punk laddered jumper

Punk began in the late 70s as a music genre. It was initially all about rebelling against the laws of the land and the government as well. However, in the modern world punk style is more of a fashion choice than a political statement as it was back in the 80s. Women who are fashion-conscious and take a great deal of interest to their public image do not dare to wear punk dresses. But if deep in your heart you feel you are a rebel, you will rock yourself with a superb punk dress. You do not have to change your style entirely, though. This fall offers a great variety of punk chic styles including leather jackets, square shoulders and menswear-inspired pinstripes. Also, during a night out with your friends you can rock a punk style in a tough dress and chic spike jewellery. You will definitely stand out from the rest in the crowd. Be prepared for people staring at you – ignorance is the keyword.

How to Wear Punk Clothing

If you are going to hang out with your friends, you can wear a leopard print skirt or a black skinny jean with a bullet belt teamed with a band tee that has been cut at the shoulders and leather jacket with spikes to give you that funky look you desire.

Hair is a crucial element when it comes to punk style. You can do whatever pleases you: liberty spikes, Mohawk (try leaving a longer tuft of hair at the front of the head!), tri-hawk and much more. Think about dying it with bright hues such as pink, orange, green, red, blue or any other unnatural colour of your choice. This will be the icing on the cake of your unique punk look.

punk bodysuit

Punk chic is all about how you want to look and not what people expect you to wear. Remember, image is very important in the public domain and people will judge or treat you depending on how you are dressed. The onus is on you to choose something that suits your tastes and preferences as well as helps you define your personal style.

punk bodycon dress