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pastel heels
Pastel Spring Time Accessories for Work and Play
Whether it’s wearing colorful pants in mint, sorbet yellows or corals, or adding a simple pop of colour to a subdued neutral or black ensemble, spring is the perfect season to incorporate more cheerfulness into your wardrobe.
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The Best Distressed Jeans for Spring
What's the one thing that every modern woman needs in her closet? Good denim. A nice pair of jeans is a brilliant base for any outfit, no matter the season. Spring, however is the perfect time for you to slip into a pair of distressed jeans so why not give them a try.
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Top Beach Essentials For A Super Chic Summer
Packing for a beachside vacation can be a challenge. Whether you're planning to lounge on the shores of St. Barts or explore the eclectic island streets, you're sure to need some versatile and comfortable options. But not to worry — we've got your style needs covered thanks to this fashion guide.
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4 May

Sportswear Essentials for Summer

woman in a white mini skirt

Spring summer fashion shows have set trends and push the boundaries of hot sexy sportswear-inspired clothes and accessories. Be it an athlete, or a 90s kid, Rihanna or Rita Ora, almost everyone has fallen for luxe sportswear. Unless you have been hard at work in the gym in winter, an itsy bitsy crop top may not be your favourite choice. See what stylists suggest that you wear this season.

Bomber jackets

bomber jacket blog

Floral bomber jacket. Some rights reserved by madlulablog

Looking for an edgier look this spring-summer? Find your celebrity inspiration in Kristen Stewart, and wear a bomber jacket! Lightweight “bombadier” jackets are having a bit of a fashion moment. From leather to graphic, there is one to fit any taste. Looks like it is another major trend apart from aviator specs that we have inherited from pilots!

Colourful sneakers

Nike sneakers

Nike coloured sneakers. Some rights reserved by jDevaun

Brightly coloured sneakers are here to give you a kick in the right (fashion) direction. In summer bright colours are all the rage, so what better way to wear the trend than with vibrant hi-tops. There is a way to mix bright juicy hues together – think about colours that are of the same brightness (pink and peach for instance).

Sweat pants

Zoe Karssen Sweat Pants

Zoe Karssen Bat Sweat Pants

Some time ago, Victoria Beckham said that you would never see her in a tracksuit. How shocked she was when she realised that recently sweat pants have been gaining status of socially-acceptable streetwear. You can imagine that Posh Spice went back on her word as she eventually stepped out in sweat pants. Next time shopping for comfy pants, look for embellished, high-end sweat pants that are far from the ones you wear on a lazy Saturday or to bed.

Mirror glasses

Illesteva Mirrored Sunglasses

Illesteva Mirrored Sunglasses

Do not buy these unless you can handle copious amounts of awesome! The fact is that reflective lenses were originally used on sports sunglasses thanks to their extremely efficient protection against sun glare. Today mirrored glasses are more like a fashion and hygiene must-have – handy when you need to check your teeth for stray food particles after lunch.


At New York Fashion Week, designers drew inspiration from the U.S. favourite game, accessorizing spring 2014 looks with baseball caps. Although these caps have never really gone out of style, the fashion scene would only accept them as a remedy to bad hair days. Today they are one of the coolest ways to upgrade your spring look and work as a favourite accessory for low-key days.

Unpack your comfy canvas sneakers, collegiate cardigan and A-line sporty dresses, it’s the return of the sports fashion – with a ladylike twist, of course. The other numerous sportwear-gone-luxury looks from the spring runways included the slouchy, cool-girl bermuda shorts (all the rage in New York), a letterman jacket and a nonchalant shorts suit which is this spring’s power player.