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1 Aug

Fashion And Styling Tips For Tricky, Curly Hair

curly hair angel

Having curly hair is a blessing and a curse, when it looks good it can look really good, but it can also be difficult to work with, next to impossible to style and when frizz happens all bets are off. All in all, it is not an easy hair style to be the owner of, but if you learn to make it work you will be the envy of everyone you meet.

girl with curly hair

Having curly hair is a blessing! Credit: Phildate

Once you understand your hair and you know what works for you you’ll get along fine, so here are a few styling tips to get you started:

For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is somewhere between straight and deliciously curly and it perhaps the most versatile style you can have, but if you long for proper tight curls you might be frustrated.

To enhance your waves and get defined curls all you need to do is separate out sections of your hair and roll each handful into a tight ball – use a hair clip or two on each little bundle of hair and keep going until all of your hair is bundled up.

Once dry comes the tricky bit – let down your hair but don’t brush it, you have to carefully separate out the curls being careful to untangle them without pulling them straight.

Having It Cut And Styled

Different hair stylists have different skill sets and experience with different hair types, so don’t assume that any given stylist knows how to cut your hair. Look for a stylist who specialises in curly hair and you will notice the difference guaranteed.

For best results, your hair should be thoroughly wetted before being cut – this will bring out the natural shape and help your stylist to see what he/she is doing.

If you want to have layers then make sure you spend some time growing your hair long first. Long layers can look great, short layers tend to spring up and give you something of an Afro.

curly hair angel

Ever wondered why do angels have curly hair? Credit: Dreef

Making The Most Of Your Ringlets

Once you are happy with your cut and style you need to make sure you get your styling right. Make the most of your ringlets to make all of your friends jealous. Here’s how:

1: Wash it of course, don’t fully dry it, leave it damp.
2: Use a small amount of serum mixed with gel on the end 1/3 of each strand.
3: Twist a section at a time from root to tip and then let it hang naturally.
4: Dry with a diffuser, don’t scrunch, be gentle.
5: Once dry, shake out and separate curls gently, don’t brush.

Caring For Your Curly Hair

Caring for your hair correctly is important, but never more so than with those lush curls of yours. So follow these tips for lush healthy curls.

  • Avoid products containing alcohol
  • Allow your hair to air dry, avoid blow driers
  • Don’t shampoo too often but condition regularly
  • For dry hair, condition prior to shampooing
  • Use mousse to tame frizzy hair, apply whilst damp
  • Never brush your hair, use a very loose comb if you need to

If you don’t have curly hair but you have always wanted to, here are a few solutions for you. Thanks for reading my post and enjoy playing with your own hair styles!

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