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29 Oct

The Brooch Is Back: 5 Ways To Wear A Brooch


Brooches are a type of that are often thought of as old fashioned and out of date, but recently brooches have had a resurgence and now they’re top of every fashionista’s wishlist. Whether you’re a fan of vintage styles, statement pieces or classic and subtle accessories, brooches can work well for a whole range of outfits and occasions. Here are a few of our favourite ways to update your jewellery box and wear a brooch.


Brooches are made of quality crystal rhinestones, pearls, beads and much more. Some rights reserved by MAURO CATEB

Decorate Your Coat with a Brooch

One of the easiest ways to incorporate brooches into your wardrobe is by adding one to the lapel of your coat or jacket. For daytime, opt for a silver brooch to add a classy finishing touch to your outfit. Then take your look from day to night by swapping it for a glitzy gemstone brooch to add some sparkle to your coat. This is a great way of accessorising during the colder months, as you can add a bit of personalisation to your outfit whilst still remaining cosy and covered up.

Wear Your Brooch Vintage Style

Whether you opt for a genuine vintage brooch or treat yourself to a new handmade silver brooch, wearing it in a vintage style is definitely in right now. For that 1950s look, wear a fitted round-neck cardigan buttoned up to the top, and pin your brooch to your chest. A delicate brooch works best for this look to keep things looking elegant and classic. Pair with a full circle skirt or ankle-grazer trousers to complete the look.

Update Your LBD with a Brooch

Ted Baker Brooch dress

The brooch adds just the right amount of sparkle to the simple LBD.

If your favourite little black dress is starting to look boring and tired, give it an instant update by adding a bright and colourful modern brooch. With a plain blank canvas to work from, you can afford to opt for a statement brooch and let the jewellery be the focus of your outfit. Choose an abstract or modern design which mixes different patterns, colours and shapes to make the most impact with your brooch. Keep the rest of your jewellery quite plain to allow the brooch to be the star of the show.

Add a Brooch to Your Bag

green rhinestone brooch

Exquisite 1930s Clear & Emerald Green Pave Set Rhinestone Brooch. Some rights reserved by GlitzUK

Brooches are really versatile pieces of jewellery and they don’t always have to be worn on clothes. Use a brooch to give a new lease of life to your favourite clutch bag for a night out. Use a gemstone-encrusted brooch to add some sparkle to a plain bag for a special occasion such as a or birthday party. Make sure the colours of the brooch work well with the colour of your bag to ensure your accessories blend together well.

Use Your Brooch as a Scarf Pin

ASOS brooch hat

Be it a scarf or a turban hat, a brooch makes the perfect match with different accessories.

Brooches make the perfect accessories for silk scarves, and look great keeping your scarf pinned in place. A pretty circular shaped brooch works really well for this; just drape your scarf around your neck and pin the brooch on top where the ends of the scarf cross over. Plain metal brooches like a silver brooch or gold brooch look great contrasted against bright coloured scarves.

What’s your favourite way to wear a brooch? Before you make a decision, make sure you have a brooch to accessorize!

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