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10 Jan

6 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress

girl in a black dress

Ahh, the timeless little black dress. Every girl owns at least one of these, if not 2 or 3. I have like, 7. Black always works. You can get away with wearing a black dress to any single event on the planet, honestly, and it will be appropriate.

Emilio Pucci Little Black Dress

An impeccable take on the Little Black Dress, designed by

Black is slimming and flattering for every body type. That being said, another fun thing about little black dresses is that there’s a million different possibilities for accessorizing because everything matches black! You can go for an incredibly bold statement by wearing bright pumps, keep it classy by sticking with fine silver jewellery, or make it edgy by throwing on a leather motorcycle jacket and some ankle boots.

Now, say you have an event coming up or you are heading out for a night on the town with the girls and you own nothing but a boring simple black dress. You still want to stand out and look different without breaking the bank and buying an entirely new dress. It IS possible!

Little Black Dress Look #1: Rocker Chic

We love the edgy side of fashion with elements of 90s grunge and 70s punk mixed with 80s revival denim. The signature rock ‘n’ roll heroine image requires sleek leather, complimented by studs and combat boots. To recreate the rocker chic style with an LBD, add a bad ass motorcycle jacket, black leather boots, some hot red lips, and your dress just got edgy.

Little Black Dress Look #2: Classic Cocktail Cutie

Going for a girls night out? Firstly, look for a dress that is made to highlight your womanly curves. Secondly, add some colorful but tasteful accessories. Start with a necklace as a focal point, a bold yet dainty ring, and some chunky heels. If the number of coloured accessories terrifies you, look in the mirror. First accessory you see is the one you should take off (not shoes, obviously!).

Little Black Dress Look #3: Glam Shabam! Diva

Want to make a big impression with a small budget? Whip out your shiniest shoes, dangle earrings, evening purse and add instant diva status to your LBD. Add some va-va-voom volume to your hair or pull your hair back into a slick ponytail and people will mistake you for Beyonce all night. Now your LBD is appropriate for any upscale event without being boring.

Little Black Dress Look #4: Tough Chic/Casual Chic

Teenage gal, throw on a boyfriend tee under your LBD, hair in a pony, some bangles and your coolest sneaker boots (Sneaker + Bootie = Snootie) and people will know not to mess with you. If your LBD is snug enough, with not too much fabric that can be seen through a shirt, put the shirt over your dress so it becomes a skirt and the look becomes more casual.

Little Black Dress Look #5: Business Chic

Office wear calls for some appropriate clothing. Therefore, start with covering those sexy shoulders with a nice blazer and add a thin belt over the shirt for the fashion-forward look. Put the hair up in a ballerina bun, wrap a long pearl or beaded necklace around your neck 2 or 3 times and wear tasteful tights for a stylish yet appropriate office look. No one will know this look started with just a LBD!

Little Black Dress Look #6: La Romantica

If you want to make your LBD as romantic as possible, start with choosing the right style. Ruffles, lace, peplum and A-line skirt add 100% romance to your simple LBD. The other way is to style the basic LBD with for instance a cute rosy printed sweater. Try to find one that is off the shoulder or does not have fully long sleeves for a sexier look that is not too bulky. Add those pretty pink shoes and some pink lips and the boys will fall in love instantly.

I am by no means rich and do not own brand named jewellery and accessories. I buy stylish stuff at affordable prices and almost all of my jewellery is costume jewellery. So if I can spice up a LBD with a budget so can you!

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