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3 Oct

Winter Nail Polish Colours Perfect for Sweater Weather

christmas nails

One of the easiest ways to stay tuned with beauty trends is simply at our fingertips. Know what I mean? Trying out new skincare ingredients can be hefty on the pocket or getting a major haircut may make you a little concerned. But changing up your nails is a fun and easy way to play with shapes, designs, colours, and textures.

Feeling uninspired by wearing the subtle, muted shades all year long? Just imagine, like, how many times one can wear the same shades in her lifetime? With the change in season, we’re obviously not letting go of our tried-and-true classic nail colours, keeping all of them close to our hearts, we’re also excited to dip our toes into the trendy winter nail colours.

Metallics: Metallic nail polish shades are also on-trend this winter. Silver, gold, and bronze are popular choices, as well as more unique metallic shades like copper or rose gold.

Glitter: For a more festive look, glitter nail polish is a great option. Silver, gold, and red glitter shades are particularly popular for the holiday season.

Jewel Tones: Rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple are also popular choices for fall nail polish.

Neutral Shades: If you prefer a more understated look, neutral shades like beige, gray, and taupe are always a chic option.

Classic, chic and indispensable, these hot nail polishes add an instant touch of flair to your nails. Check out the latest nail trends for winter:

  • glitter nail varnish – exploding onto the nail scene as of late
  • matte nail polish – the modern look for manicures
  • metallic nail polish – the big celebrity beauty trend
  • vampy nail lacquer – rich, dark and deliciously deep
  • nude nail varnish – perfect if matches your skin tone

Glitter nail polish

Lots of new winter nail shades add a splash of glimmer and luminosity, but the ones that give a 3D textured look are definitely worth your attention. Each bottle of a nail polish with mica (pigmented powder) and sparkle is like an art project ready to explode on your fingernails. Add a shot of glitter to your tips, or opt for a full coverage.

Matte nail polish

The ultimate in beauty luxury, a non-shiny polish is a trend that is sill going strong. From black to white and everything in-between, matte nail polish that dries for a silk-like finish will modernize your manicure instantly. Perfect for any occasion you can think of, it is a must-try of the season.

Metallic nail polish

The season’s best looks dripped with shine have their counterpart in beauty. This season, classic silvers and golds have been replaced with other glamorous hues including antipodium, bronze and chrome. Feeling daring? Go full-on metallic with a holographic shade-shifting nail varnish!

Vampy nail polish

Think dark, sexy, but not gothic. When winter months come, it is an excuse to rock some dark shades on your fingers and toes. If you are a sucker for black, think about chic alternatives like oxblood, emerald, sapphire and amethyst. This season, they literally go with any outfit.

Nude nail polish

The modern, barely-there nude polish has been there for a while. Look for a colour that matches your complexion because it lengthens your fingers impeccably. Subtle enough for day and dramatic for a night out, it works wonders as a compliment to cute variations on block colours and reverse French mani.

If you spend most of your attention on your clothes, there are still parts of you worth showing off every season. And let’s not forget the moments of joy you feel when you flaunt your hands to show off your favourite nail colour. Nail artists are predicting that winter nail polish trends will be just as exciting. So better to have fun with trending colours of nail polish that are amazing for a prompt style refresh.

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