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New Ways to Style a Turtleneck
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5 Oct

Celebrity Hair Colour Trends To Try In 2014

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Just like the trees, many women are changing their hair colour this fall season. Want to switch up your look but don’t know what to choose? Check out the latest celebrity-inspired hair colour trends, complete with photos and hair tips.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

The 17-year-old looks super trendy with her blue streaks! Some rights reserved by Disney | ABC Television Group

Bronde hair colour trend

Doutzen Kroes Victorias Secret

goes bronde for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Some rights reserved by hemutin

Bronde is a perfect compromise between blonde and brunette hair colour. Before it had a name, bronde was widely used in hair salons because for ages brunettes have been adding a little blonde to their hair. Bronde lightens up your hair and gives the impression of a beautiful sun-kissed brown colour. It looks natural and very on-trend.

I heard that this hair colour trend was first popularised by model Gisele Bundchen back in 2007, but it is just a rumour. Also in 2007, celebrity stylist Kim Vo used the term “bronde” and this is when the craze started. The next big bronde ambassador is who unveiled the new bronde hair in Instagram back in summer. Unfortunately, in spite of 18,000 Instagram comments, most of her fans did not approve of the look. Kim you should stick to your trademark dark streaks!

Flamboyage hair colour trend

Miranda Kerr hair

’s beautiful flamboyage locks. Some rights reserved by discutivo

Baleyage is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is actually becoming more and more popular as flamboyage (flame + baleyage) is currently one of the most popular hair colour requests in salons today. Celebries such as Jennifer Lopez and Miranda Kerr love this hair colour trend that combines brunette and blonde streaks. It looks especially flattering when blonde streaks are around your face.

Flamboyage produces natural-looking end results, and most importantly, each of them is totally unique. This technique depends on the hairstylist who can create distinctive details or different colour tones throughout the length. Flamboyage is an extremely creative technique that can easily be repeated, making the colourist’s work simple and fast.

Pastel hair colour trend

pastel streaks trend

One of the best trends in beauty is the emergence of big, bold, not-really-real hair colours. Some rights reserved by daniel––gottschling

Looking to make a hair statement in a big way? Follow Rachel McAdams, Nicole Richie and Kylie Jenner in one of the biggest celebrity hair trends, pastel hair colour. All in all, the pastel coloured hair trend just does bot seem to be slowing down in beauty department.

So many colours, so little time. Which cotton candy-inspired hair colour should I pick? If you have lighter hair, pastel purple and lilac strands will look more subtle and subdued. Brunettes should pick jewel shades such as teal and emerald to create the cool contrast. Use hair chalk for an instant effect or dye your hair professionally at the salon.