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4 Aug

Nail Trend: Half-Moon Manicure

Half-moon manicure, often called a “reverse French mani” has been around since the early 1920’s and to this day it proves a strong trend in nail art. About contemporary fashion, it was popularised by Christian Dior, Thakoon and Ruffian as a Fall 2009 nail trend. Ever since, half moon manicures have been popping up all over on the red carpet as well as runway. For instance, for spring 2014, Ruffian debuted an updated “half moon” manicure on almond-shaped nails.

half moon mani

Glitter half moon manicure. Some rights reserved by trec_lit

Popular with Hollywood starlets in the 1920s and 1930s, it brings back (fashion-related) memories of the interwar years. Its forerunner was the original blonde bombshell Jean Harlow herself. Yet today it is Dita Von Teese – the burlesque queen who is bringing back the half-moon manicure trend.

I was kind of reserved when I spotted an extravagant half-moon shape at the base of the models’ fingernails as I am a manicure traditionalist, but it seems like half-moon mani can be a lot of fun! If only learning its ins and outs were not that difficult…

[nggallery id=90]

Half-moon manicure step-by-step

Prepare: nail polish remover, cotton wool, top and base coat, nail polishes, stickers, etc.

  1. First remove any old lacquer using a nail varnish remover (the best is acetone-free) and some cotton wool. Prepare your cuticles by softening them with a cuticle oil and then pushing them back. Apply a base coat which will prevent your nails from changing their natural colour.
  2. Apply a coat of  white nail varnish just normally and leave for at least 20 mins.  It is very important to wait until your nails are dry as the next step is to apply a nail guide sticker along the half moons, or just make your own tip line (practice makes perfect!).
  3. Paint your nails black to your half moons, the sticker will protect areas you want paint free. Give the nail polish several minutes to dry, and then slowly remove the sticker.
  4. Once your nails are dry you can apply an even coverage of top coat so that your perfect half-moon mani lasts longer!

Or follow this Youtube tutorial: