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17 Feb

Getting Clever with Nail-decor

red mnicure nails

They say that one of the first things to age on a woman are her hands. Regardless of this ominous “fact,” your hands are certainly noticed. We talk, motion and signal with our hands. And with that said, your hands are a to force to be reckoned. Perhaps this is why so many girls are spending hundreds of dollars every month on manicures. Whether you are blowing a kiss or fishing for your ID, your fingernails leave an everlasting impression. So get adventurous and try one of these seven ideas this spring!

Go Chrome

Metallics are all the heat right now. From simple silvers to glowing golds, metallics can be just the industrial statement your hands crave. They look particularly stunning when paired with dark jewelry, as they seem to only amplify the look. Try an unusual metallic, and go for a yellowy bronze or a rusty red. Get the “look” by pairing this polish with a punk-rock ensemble.

chrome nails

Chrome nail polish is totally hot right now

Allude to Nude

Want a weird, yet intriguing alternative to the “basic” varnish? Go for a nude that slightly differs from your skin tone. The result will be a strange, fashion-forward statement that will be sure to catch more than just one set of eyes. Nudes are perfect for earthy or boho clothes, as the simplicity adds a touch of elegance and will make your fingers appear elongated.

nude nails

Back to nature: nude nail polish

Do Tell: Pastels

Pastels are a simple daytime look that complements nearly anything you might want to wear. Try a delicious mint or a rosy pink. Pair these polishes with soft colors and texture-rich clothing. For a little inspiration, hit up your local flower shop or ice-cream store.

pastel nails

Pastel nails might take you back to Palm Beach in the sixties

Putting on the Glitz

Sparkles and glitter in darkly drenched galactic shades are all the rage this Spring. Each bottle of polish is like an art project ready to explode on your fingernails. These colors are perfect for funky daytime apparel or ritzy evening events. Add a splash to any muted outfit with a touch of glimmer and luminosity. The sun’s rays will happily bounce off, leaving a prism of spontaneity in its path.

nail art
Refined and Designed

This Spring, fashionistas are getting uber creative and designing their own custom nail-art. From full-”nail sized” stickers to stencils, the possibilities are endless. Special nail polishes with “precision” brushes allow any nails to be pampered with detail. Ideas that can be embraced are florals, polka dots, ribbons, stars, hearts and even letters. With extra time at your disposal, try some stripe-action. You can go for the flirty look of pink and black or even the extravagance of Aztec inspired hues.

For an almost “acrylic” look, try painting your nails a solid teal and paint only the tips a light yellow or peach. Stencil-stickers will come in handy here; as they will help keep the polish in a straight line. If you have a color of polish which you want to use as an “accent,” try a paint brush. If you already have an “accent” nail polish brush, clean it with some warm water and acetone and use it again and again. Be sure to seal your art with a clear topcoat.

nail art

Chain nail art


Adding extras to your preexisting polish is an awesome way to spruce up the “simple” and go bold. Pick up some nail glue and go crazy. You can glue on anything; glitter, colored sand, diamonds, buttons, stickers, dried flowers, clovers, confetti, gum-wrappers, designer logos, small charms, gems and seeds just to touch the tip of the iceberg. Any of these add-ons look great as simple accents or stand-alone staples. For a typical “pop,” add a diamond accent to the upper-right-hand side of each of your nails. Don’t go too heavy on the jewelry though, this type of nail art is stand out enough. Don’t forget to take a picture!

watermelon slice nails

Swarovski Watermelon Slice Nail Art

Texturize and Smellify

Nail art doesn’t have to be limited to just “looking.” Much like scented markers, nail polish companies are going nuts with various smells. From blueberry to chocolate, different flavors are being infused into varnishes to give it that little something “extra.” If you’re olfactory senses are up to the challenge, get creative and customize your own smells while adding texture. I suggest using dried spices, such as cinnamon or basil. Find a complimentary color and sprinkle the spices over the wet polish. Gently pat, while trying not to smudge or “imprint” the polish. Make sure to use several topcoats, as the polish will be rigid and will easily chip off. Next time you stroke your lovers face, he or she will be left breathless by the entrancing “feel” and “smell” of your nails.

Just like your feet, your hands are apart of your body that is often neglected. For any well-executed ensemble, every fashionista knows that glamour is from “head” to “toe.” With this in mind, don’t forget the naked surfaces of your nails; after all, they are the last thing you see when you wave goodbye!

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