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23 Apr

Looking Fabulous: The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Like a Diva

boho diva

What does it mean to dress like a diva? What is a diva anyway? Is it wearing outrageous clothes and accessories that get you noticed? Or is it wearing clothes that make your inner goddess sing with pride on the inside? Actually, it's both! Dressing and looking like a diva means that you are proud of who you are both inside and out. It's not just about clothes, though. They are an important part of your look, of course, but sometimes, what sets you apart from the crowd is not the clothes, but other components of your look. This is something that many women overlook. Never underestimate the power of a handbag! They say your makeup is not complete until you put your lipstick on; so it is with your clothes and accessories.

nails photo

You don't need to have a weekly manicure to have great nails. In fact, many different styles and designs allow you to achieve the look you want. From bold colored nail polish, to stickers, to nail wraps, the options are endless, especially thanks to nail providers like Dashing Diva offering all of the above and more. A French manicure is always a classic look, but for some fun and panache, try jazzing things up with gel nails wraps. Just press and go! No messy cleanup required! They are easy to apply and remove, and last for weeks.


bag photo

What is a diva without a rockin' handbag? There are so many choices and styles available to fit your own unique personality. You don't have to break your budget either, there are plenty of options available if you don't have a lot to spend. You don't have to sacrifice functionality either. You can opt for both style and organization. Clutch, shoulder bag, cross body, the choices are endless. In fact, you can choose a different handbag for each day of the week!


heels photo

When most people think of divas, they think of stylish stilettos; but you don't have to sacrifice your comfort for style. Trade in your 8-inch pinchers for colorful lower-heeled shoes that show off your legs without breaking them (unless you really love the ‘higher' life). Spring and summer bring lighter colors so get a pair of shoes that make a statement – match them with your handbag for an even more stunning look. If you're opting for sandals or open toe shoes, don't forget to give yourself a pedicure!


jewellery photo

Nothing makes a fashion statement like an all-star necklace and earring set. Big, bold and beautiful is definitely in season! The best part of dressing like a diva is that you can make your own fashion rules! Be as daring as you wish in order to stand out. It's amazing how a colorful necklace can set off an outfit. If you're feeling creative, try making your own from a selection of beads. There are plenty of online and offline retailers that sell loose beads.

Hair Accessories

hair band photo

hair band photo by Bellafaye Garden

How about a rhinestone barrette, a bright colored bandana, or a beaded ponytail holder? Your hairstyle is one of the most important components of your entire look, so get it right! There are plenty of options for hair accessories so no matter what your personal style is you can find something to fit your tastes. Bobby pins and clips can jazz up even the shortest hairstyle.

Looking like a diva is about creating your own personal style based on your tastes. Who knows? You may even start a trend that others will follow!

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