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4 Nov

Different techniques of getting a fabulous ombre nail art at home

ombre nails

An ombre nail art known as a form of manicure where in an ascent effect is created with a graduated fading colour method. The French word “Ombré” which refers to “shadow” or “shade”, in fashion brings up as a process that starts out one light colour on the end of your nail and gently morphs into another blending gradually with a darker or shadier colour to the tip. It is easy and fairly simple procedure that requires both practice and patience. Take your time and get it perfect, slow and steady wins the race! Follow these basic techniques.

ombre nails

Ombre nails: step by step. Credit

First of all plan it, do not let your gorgeous manicure botched by not planning it ahead. Make sure you can reach every utensil from wherever you’re sitting.

You will need, two or more gradients nail polish colours that compliment or go bold, dark to light and in the tonal family colour. Also a clear top coat. You can even experiment with diverse combinations to see what works. Additionally, a cup of water, paint brush, makeup sponge.

Before you start, put your hands in a basin filled with mixed mild soapy warm water and soak for a few minutes. It will slightly strips the oil from your skin and soften your cuticles. Then trim and shape your nails into an evenly rounded tip. Remove any serrated edges with a nail file. Use an orange nail stick or a metal cuticle-pusher to push back your cuticles. Apply a base coat to protect your nails from getting stained and to prolong the life of your manicure. Let it dry and paint your nails with your base colour which is lighter. Wait until it dries completely.

ombre nails tutorial

Violet ombre nails. Credit

Now the fun part begins. Here are few methods to get gorgeously gradated ombre manicures:

  1. Smidgen a small amount of your contrasting colour on the tip of a makeup sponge and smash it all over the tip of your nail. Dab some of your base colour on your sponge and build up the compactness of your nails by merging the two colours.
  2. Soak your makeup sponge in the cup of water and squeeze it out leaving it damp. Take your darkest colour and apply a single line toward the edge of your sponge and make another line above that with your second darkest colour. Dash your sponge on a piece of paper, bounce it up and down a few times in the same spot to blend the two colours. Streak the top of the sponge with the tip of your nail and give it a firm press and bounce it up and down a couple times in the same general spot. Clean up the messy parts and sides around your nails with a paint brush dipped with polish remover. Once your ombre is completely dried apply a top coat to give it a more blended look.
  3. Paint a plentiful amount of the colours next to each other just about touching at the edges, on a flat plastic surface. Swirl the two colours with a toothpick. Devour sponge down on to the polish a few times and then dab it directly onto your nail. Finish it removing all the excess following the method mentioned above.
  4. Use 5 different shades of the same colour and paint every nail in one of them. You can paint your thumb with the darkest one and the little finger with the brightest, but you can do all the way round if you prefer. Also, if you do not want to buy 5 different nail lacquers, create different shades of one color by adding a white polish.

ombre nails easy

We’ve seen lots of ombre techniques, but this one is by far the easiest

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