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18 Jun

Finding the Right Pandora Charms for Your Bracelet

Pandora Lavender Pendant Charm

Collecting things has become a bit of a hobby for me over the past few years – one of my favourite things to collect is charms. They are great quality, fantastic value and they look stunning when on your wrist! I thought I would put together a quick post to share the charms I have on my bracelet and the charms that I have my eye on to inspire those of you who are stuck for choice! You might find that because there are so many charms available, it is difficult to whittle it down to the charm you want to buy.

pandora charm photo

pandora charm photo by

It is not unusual for people to start off their Pandora bracelet with a colour theme. This is a good idea as it limits your options on which charms you can buy for your bracelet. One of my friends has a pink-themed bracelet which I absolutely adore because the different shades of pink all complement each other and look fab. My favourite charms on her bracelet are the breast cancer awareness charm, the silver and pink zirconia charm and the pink enamel flower charm. I will soon be on to starting another Pandora bracelet from scratch and think I will go for a green colour theme on that one as there are some great green Pandora charms on the market.

Pandora Lavender Pendant Charm

Pandora Pendant Charm Morning Butterfly in Lavender

One of the most popular fashion trends at the moment is monochrome and lots of celebrities have been seen wearing black and white together. This look has also made its way into design and there are some really nice black and white Pandora charms available to add to your bracelet. I have a birthday coming up and have my fingers crossed to receive some new monochrome additions!

PANDORA Silver Soccer Ball Charm

PANDORA Sterling Silver Soccer Ball Charm

Pandora Heart Charm

Pandora Heart Charm with Clear Cubic Zirconia in Sterling Silver

Pandora has designed some really nice silver charms too – I have a selection of them on my bracelet with lots of different designs. You will not notice them on your bracelet as much as you would notice brightly-coloured charms however they contain lots of detail and are fantastic quality. I think it is a good idea to have some simpler charms on your bracelet to make the more colourful ones stand out more. My stocking charm has a great deal of detail on it and it reminds me of the great we had last year at my mum’s house.

Pandora Green Murano Glass Bead

Pandora Kiss Me, I’m Irish Charm with Green Murano Glass Bead

One of my favourite types of Pandora charms are Murano charms as they are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. My animal-themed bracelet features there types of Murano charms, a pink leopard print design, a giraffe print charm and ladybird charm…they look amazing!

Pandora Pendant Charm Pink Stone

Pandora Pendant Pink Faceted Beauty

Trend lovers, there is something for you! New for Spring 2014, the Spring Takes Flight Pandora Collection celebrates new life, with magical themes of butterflies and flowers, in pastel shades of pink, purple, and white. I have fallen in love with the joys of spring, and the extraordinary beauty of nature. A collection filled with the radiant colours of the season add an elegant yet playful edge to your ensemble.